Many businesses have discovered only active monitoring and management of reputation can ensure no associated problems will be allowed to develop. Failing to keep up with business reputation management will often mean ceding victory to negative online influences that can drag a company’s prospects down.

Before making any effort to cultivate and shape a company’s reputation, it will always be best to take stock of the existing situation. Fortunately, there are some straightforward ways of developing an accurate, reliable picture of how a business is currently perceived online.

When It Comes to Reputation, There is Often More Than Meets the Eye

In the past, businesses generally had to put in quite a bit of effort to ascertain how consumers and others viewed them. Surveys and focus groups might have been effective, but they tended to be quite expensive and inconvenient.

Businesses today have it better in that all the necessary information awaits them online. While it will still take some time and energy to analyze the data, obtaining it never has to be a problem. Some of the online sources that are most telling in the average case are:

  • Search results. No matter how much time people today spend on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Google remains a tool that just about everybody uses. Bringing up the search results associated with a company’s name is a good way to get started with researching its reputation. Any negative takes or claims found on the first few pages should be regarded as significant. In some cases, simply searching for the name of a business will reveal concerted, ongoing campaigns that aim to damage its reputation.
  • Ratings. Another highly accessible source of information about a company’s reputation is the ubiquitous numeric rating. Many sites allow users to leave ratings of business, typically on a scale of one to five. Assessing a number of these averages will inevitably make it easier to get a handle on how a business is viewed.

Starting From an Informed Position Pays Off

Looking into details like these should make it simple to start developing an idea as to a company’s current reputation. That will always be the best way to get started with managing perceptions in the future.