The concept of progressive profiling is a way to generate more leads and improve conversion rates. The process is designed to be used with all other current marketing strategies. The goal is to collect as much data as possible about customers to generate leads from that same target audience. It is a process because customers are not going to provide detailed data all at once online. Gathering must be subtle and gradual to avoid scaring people away from the business.

What Information is Desired?

Eventually, the business will benefit from getting:

1. Names and email addresses

2. Demographics

3. Customer values

4. Personal tastes and preferences

5. Interests

This will help the owner understand who is seeking the products or services offered by the business, the current demand, and what products are wanted but not yet available. Let the new information determine the direction of the business.

How to Draw Out the Info

Recommendations for obtaining the information break down the process into four steps with some suggestions for methodology. The first step is to attract people to the business. Ways to succeed include selecting powerful keywords, social publishing, and providing a blog page on the website. Converting browsers can be accomplished with forms, exciting landing pages, and simple calls to action.

Closing the process and gaining loyal customers is a result of automated emails and efficient work-flows so satisfaction is high. Excellent customer relationship management (CRM) strategies make all the difference. Keeping customers engaged is the ultimate goal to discover their needs and gain additional knowledge about the audience. Smart content, surveys, and social monitoring are successful avenues for this last step. Try anything that comes to mind, and be creative.

Keep the Business Evolving

All this information will be a waste of time and effort if the business does not strive to be responsive. Adding new products, offering new services, and introducing a rewards program are some examples of how the business can evolve and stand out from the competition. Leads will be generated, and organic traffic will increase. If leads do not increase as anticipated, it may be worth it to consult with an established agency and get some advice on tweaking the approaches implemented.