Walking into a guest’s bathroom and seeing elegance and a place or tranquility often has a lot to do with the type of bathroom décor and bathtub they have. Cast Iron Bathtubs offer beauty, durability, and appeal to any bathroom. A cast iron bathtub is often found with artistic designs and a claw-foot, making any bath feel like royalty.

Cast iron tubs are known to retain heat well, making them quite energy efficient. They also provide comfort as the inside is often smooth and wide. They can be made into corner units, recessed tubs, free-standing, and are know often found in platform, also known as drop-in style units. The versatile styles not only expand their flexibility but they are now becoming more desirable amongst homeowners.

A cast iron tub is designed to last a lifetime. The finishes that often come on them are extremely resilient to chipping, cracking, and heat. They are also quite easy to repair should something go wrong. In order to maintain its sleek and shiny look, cast-iron tubs are needed to be re-glazed periodically.

Installing a cast iron bathtub gives a homeowner an upscale look to their home without having to spend a fortune. They also allow for guests and homeowners to step back in time to an era where cast iron tubs were only found amongst the wealthy. It is important that the homeowner ensures that their bathroom floor will be able to withstand the weight of the bathtub, as they are quite heavy in comparison to a regular vinyl or ceramic bathtub.

When considering installing a cast iron tub, it is important to take note whether or not a shower option will be available. Some bathrooms are designed to keep shower and baths separate which is useful for guests and family with different bathing preferences. However, combining bath and shower together will save space in the room while still providing both options.

When installing a new cast-iron bathtub, it is important to contact a professional in doing so in order to ensure that the tub will fit properly in the bathroom. For more information on obtaining a new cast iron tub or to schedule an appointment with a professional, contact your local hardware store today.